Thursday, August 13, 2009

my brother doesn't like me

I got a massage this evening. It was glorious. I'm so excited to get more. One bad thing did happen though; the masseuse sneezed on my legs. Not blatantly....but I felt a slight spray. 

One of my friends is in town with his wife. I love 'em both, they're great people...but I am a little irritated. More like hurt. They came in town on the 5th. I didn't find out until the 11th. And not from them, I heard it through a mutual friend who also didn't know, she ran into them at a party. I texted him. He didn't seem too concerned about the fact that he hadn't contacted me. I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and try to hang out with him that night. He asked if I wanted to go for coffee at 11. I had to remind him of where he was...Starbucks in Indianapolis closes at 10...and 11 was too late anyhow. So he asked if they could just come over. I agreed, told them to come at 9ish. At 10:30, the phone rang and he was asking if I still wanted company. Um, no. Then 7:15 he told me he'd call me in an hour. He called at 10:30 again. Again, no. This time I reminded him that I'm not in college anymore and I don't just serve tables part time. I cannot just stay up all night like I used to. I work full time and work out 10 hours a week...I have to sleep at night. We have lunch plans tomorrow and I hope he doesn't fuck them up. I'm annoyed that twice he has completely disregarded what I've said to him. If he shits on our plans tomorrow, I'm not even sure that it's worth really talking about with him...

I was upset yesterday because I was talking to my brother and he mentioned that he and his fiance brought the baby to the city last weekend. He was like "we thought about ya!" My jaw hit the floor. "You didn't call me?!" He, too, wasn't too concerned about the fact that he came into town and didn't bother to say shit to me. I understand that people don't come in town specifically to see me, but would it be too awful to let me know...perhaps try and meet for lunch or something? Then he made it worse when he said that he's coming again this weekend to have dinner with our cousin and was like, "do you wanna go have a drink or something when we're done?" I was like "whoa, so I'm not invited to dinner?" He was like "oh yeah, sure, you can come!" Uh...thanks? I know that he's super proud of his new little family and I know that doesn't always include Aunt E, but geez...I don't ever go in town and not contact him. I feel left out. 

I'm considering posting some before and after pictures to document my weight loss. They won't be true "before" pictures because I'm 25 pounds down, but I could still snap a picture or two to compare to pictures of when I'm all the way down to where I want to be. I was thinking of a sports bra and boxers. Of course I'd have to ask Shanee what she thought about it first, just out of respect. Even though I'd be more covered than what she is in her swim suit, it's still draws we're talkin about. I got the idea because a few people have asked how my progress is going...and a certain somebody had a hilarious dream about my muscles being ripped beyond belief. I'm not exactly sure why these two things made me wanna post pictures of myself not fully, but they did. I don't even know if anyone wants to see my half-nekkid body! Perhaps a beater? [I inquired. The answer is no. She said absolutely not. lol]

My sexual appetite has been off the hook the past few weeks. Like, really ridiculous. I'm easily turned on...way more easily than my norm. It's becoming problematic. I cannot wait to go be with my baby in a couple weeks.



Anonymous said...

We have so much in common its scary.

So here’s my two cents. Before I erased the 147 previous posts on my blog, my brothers two sons, and my two nieces were very much so apart of my blog. Everyone who knows me “personally” knows my devoted love and affection for my little bastards, so to keep with the “anonymity” that is me, I had to delete all those posts cause a person or two could easily catch on. Since this whole aunty thing is new to you, I can tell you’re a bit hesitant in where your boundaries lie. As was I when my nephew was first born. Here’s how I look at it though. I’m another adult in this world who loves these kids unconditionally. I will be there, when and if their parents can’t, and will instill in them every positive thing I have within me. I get my 4 ( ages 5-9) every other weekend, and I speak to each of them at least 3 times a week. I chose the kind of relationship I want with them, and you can do the same. My eldest niece tells everyone I’m her best friend. She is SO my mini me its not even funny. My oldest nephew thinks my hunny is the best thing since sliced bread, and they have been having uncle/nephew day once a month since he was like 1 years old. So freakin cute it’d kill you. Let me stop babbling… my point is that as the baby gets older you’ll be able to be more included in its life and will definitely be able to determine the relationship between the two of you. Mine live over an hour away, and the distance can’t hold me back.

Anonymous said...

I'd probably be hurt too, but I learned to not take things like that too personally when I realized I do the same thing to people. Sometimes you're so focused on what it is you're going somewhere to do that you don't think about a friend or a relative. And then when they bring up hanging out, it's like, of course! Your mind just wasn't in that place at the moment.

And lol @ Shanee's response. You should take pics to document your progress just for you then. No need to put your goodies on display haha. Although I'm not sure why a sports and boxers are so bad...

E. said...

:) .. is all I gotta say... and you make 25lbs seem like nothing. That's a WHOLE lot of progress dude. How much do you want to lose?

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