Saturday, August 8, 2009

one mile

I went to the movies last night and saw The Collector. We missed the first 5 minutes of the movie, and obviously missed something crucial because I was lost and confused the entire movie. It was scary though, just didn't seem to have a purpose. Anyhow, one of my friends that has been socially unavailable all summer due to no childcare and working 50 hours a week at an unpaid internship is now back on the social scene and available to do things. I'm glad for it. That's who I went with and we had a good time.

It's 10pm on a Saturday night and I'm in the house, in sweat pants on, my face already washed, glasses on. I suppose I could have found something else to do, just elected not to. I'm kind of sorry that I didn't make plans, but part of me feels content to just chill here by myself. I'd better embrace that because it's a fleeting feeling.

I was supposed to go to a wedding today. One of my friends from high school that I also went to college with married her very first boyfriend, her very first everything, that we met our freshmen year of college. I thought it was cool that they invited me since I haven't talked to either of them in about 4 years. I decided it would be fun to go and catch up with everyone, so I rsvp'd and said I'd be there. But I got on the interstate today and my car started makin this crazy sound as soon as I hit 70mph. Nope. Not me, not today (I love Russy on Run's House). I turned around and went back home. I'll send my gift next week or something. I spent the afternoon with another friend instead. We went to Olive Garden (whole wheat linguine isn't THAT bad, even though there's nothing like pasta made from white flour) and then this specialty cupcake shop. It was delicious. After that, we couldn't settle on anything to do, so we just rolled around the central part of the city, north of downtown. She brought me home and I've just been sittin on my ass the rest of the evening. Reading the news and whatnot. 

My mom and my girlfriend are a little scared and worried by my obsession with murder. I love reading murder books and finding out all the information I can about serial killers and certain cases. This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the Manson murders, and TIME did a whole spread about it. Speaking more about my fascination with murder, Shanee thinks I'm absolutely crazy for once having made the statement, "My favorite murder is the Martha Moxley case." She thought it was disgusting that a person would even have something like a favorite murder. Sorry, I just do. Her and my mother both are a little concerned about sleeping in the same house as me. A few years ago when my family traveled to Wisconsin to visit family, I made everyone stop at Jeffrey Dahmer's old house where he did all his psychotic activities. There's a huge fence around it and I hopped it and made my cousin take pictures of me inside it, clinging to the inside of the fence, as if I was trying to escape. Maybe it is a tad bit

Speaking of health though, my ass can officially run a mile. I bit through the pain and pressed it out. And I'm happy to have reached a point where I'm not even in pain afterward! I got a manicure and pedicure this morning and when the little China girl was massaging my lower legs, it hurt while she was doing it, but when I was done it felt better than I thought it should, which lets me know that my muscles definitely stood to benefit from the little rubdown. I've got some professional massages lined up for the near future and I'm pumped about 'em.

Studies have shown that the human mind is way more relaxed and whatnot when the space around them is clean and free of clutter. I went through my apartment yesterday morning and straightened up, then did some deep, used the attachments on my vacuum sweeper. It was completely worth it. I think I even slept better, falling asleep without a mound of clothes looking at me or a million pieces of paper all over every surface. I woke up feeling happy, not thinking to myself "damn erika, there's a lot of shit in here." It's pleasant walking into my apartment from being gone and seeing my shoes lined up in a row by the door and the rest of the apartment in order. I think I am going to start making myself really and truly clean every week....give the entire apartment the same attention I give the bathroom (weekly) and the kitchen (daily). Become some kind of neat freak.

I'm growing sleepy...


Monie said...

Hi Erika,

You mentioned cleaning clutter. Earlier this evening I was thinking how it would be nice to live a more simple life without so many possessions. I looked around my apartment at all the stuff that I thought I needed at the time I bought it and realized that there are very few things in my place that I really need.

I'm really thinking about giving away/ getting rid of a bunch of stuff. I feel sometimes like my stuff owns me rather than me owning it. Lol

E. said...

Aww man, we are soooooooooooo twins dude! I have the EXACT same obsession with murder! Well, I like to call it more of an obsession with the criminal mind! I LOVE documentaries about serial killers and shows like snapped and American Justice and ..any real life crime show really. I think im just SO fascinated with how a person could actually take the life of another and at the same time with how close any of us could come to snapping ourselves. It's just so interesting to me. My girlfriend is equally nervous and a little freaked by it but she'll get over it. I nearly pissed my pants when I saw that Manson documentary preview. I wanna see it SOOOOO bad.When does it come on?Please let me know. I'm so jealous that you got to go to Jeffery Dahmer's house. That's crazy. Send me those pics. lol.
Oh yeah and there's nothing like cleaning to clear your mind. You just feel so free, so clear and like all is right with the world.Keep it up!

Glo said...

Please oh please share your Dahmer house pics. I can’t live without then.

So previously you mentioned having a psychology degree…well I’m pre-law, and I am equally “fascinated” with serial killers and their life stories, so I generally think it comes with the territory. I minor in psychology.

Remember Gary Ridgeway… the greenriver killer? Insanely fascinated by the craziness that is this man. So one day, after he was charged as the killer and made a plea to the police to tell where all the bodies were, I was driving along when I spotted him (in a million shackles) and like 40 police officers mobbing around this bridge (above the greenriver) with him pointing and talking. I of course, like the mad woman I am, pulled over at the nearest parking lot and walked as close as I could get before the police stopped me so I could get a front row seat to all the action. This dude was really crazy cuz he remembered names of the hookers he killed, and like, exact locations. He used “land marks” like, groups of rocks that reminded him of something to remember exactly were the bodies were buried. Isn’t that odd?

I knew 2 victims (read: prostitutes) that got away from him instead of being killed. I’ve watched every stupid movie that they’ve made about him and the murders, and I just can’t get enough. But I don’t think our fascination is unhealthy. I think it comes with the territory of what we chose to study in school. I just may a bit more twisted than you because (here comes the secret) I live in the brink of the Green River in Kent, Washington.


The trail I run, still has caution tape in certain areas where the police dug up bodies and evidence a few years back. It’s eerie. I always take out of town guests on a “tour” of the trail to get my jollies. Okay… I’ll stop. LOL.