Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alarm the Studio

Another 10.5 hour day at work. I can't even handle my business outside the photo lab, like write the schedule and do my audit and complete my reports. My department looks a mess because the phrase "clean as you go" doesn't mean anything if you're the only one going and you never get a chance to stop. The camera display bar looks a mess too because I haven't had the time to actually put any time into fixing it up and getting all my displays out. Blahhh. I don't even really care anymore...ten orders came through all at the same time, and I just stood there and looked at them for about 5 whole minutes, not moving. Then I realized that my phone had accidentally called Shanee from my pocket and she called back...I whipped the phone out and answered it, right in the middle of the photo lab, in direct view of managers and members...just didn't care even though I know full well that cell phones are not permitted while on the clock. Oh well. I'm just real over it. I work another 10 hour day tomorrow and then I'm off on Thursday. Work about 3 or 4 hours on Friday morning, then it's back to full shifts for the rest of the weekend. I am going to be one exhausted girl by the time my vacation starts on the 26th. I know that a lot of people consistently work 12 hour shifts, that's just how their job is, so maybe I shouldn't complain. But that is not the nature of my work and those are not the hours I signed up for.

I live in a studio and the unit across the hall from me is also a studio. Why did the man that lives there install an alarm for his one-room apartment?? It is sooo annoying. I do not want to hear that every single time he opens his door. And he has a tendency to keep some late hours. Doesn't he know that the rest of my life is stressful enough??!

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Adrian said...

We're all stressed at work, and I'm going to need your neighbor to do better with himself. I woulda said something to his ass by now lol