Friday, August 22, 2008

Sick of Silly Women

The day, though not yet over, has been a blur.

I woke up, went to work from 9 until 12. Demetrius learned quickly and seemed eager and happy to be there. It was good that he had such a great attitude about it. However, with my new separation from Shanee fresh on my mind, training a new associate proved to be a test of my patience. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. I left work absolutely famished and decided that I wanted Cracker Barrel.

I have only been out to a restaurant alone approximately 3 times in my whole life. I don't really like to do that, but sometimes it's needed. I got seated and after 15 minutes of not receiving any service, I went up to the hostess podium and went off. It wasn't a show-stopping type of "go off," but it was enough to have the hostesses stammering for words and they immediately sat me down somewhere else and sent the waitress right over to me. I enjoyed my brunch and came home.

I went to the leasing office to check for my package. T-Mobile (punk-ass cell phone company) was sending me a new Dash to replace my defective one. I switched my sim and memory cards, put my battery in, did all my settings, and packaged up the one I intend to return. I slept for a few hours. I woke up and have been reading this really good book my friend Lito sent's called "Passion Marks" by Lee Hayes. I didn't bother to check how old it was or anything like that, but it's really good. He also sent me the sequel, so I'm excited. I may not have my girlfriend, but I've got some good reading material for the weekend. She says she still loves me and I'm her number one and that she just thinks this is what's best for the both of us. In my mind, I can perfectly understand her reasoning...but in my heart, it just hurts. Her timing couldn't have been worse. I really hope I don't cry when I see her at the airport. It's pretty much inevitable that the tears will come at least some point during the 6 days she'll be here. I am definitely glad that I get to spend my entire birthday with somebody that I love though...I don't think that's happened before. There's been years I was dating someone, but we didn't get to wake up next to each other on the morning of my birthday, then be inseparable the entire 24 hours. I have a strong feeling that we're going to have a wonderful week together, create new memories, and all that good stuff....and then it's going to be horribly painful saying goodbye. It always is.

I say the day has been a blur because I feel like it should only be about 5 or 6pm. The day is pretty much over (I can't get the timestamp to display the correct time, but it's 10:30.) After I woke up, I guess I've been so consumed with my thoughts of Shanee and her upcoming visit that time just flew. I still have to do a bunch of laundry if I want to wear clean clothes while she's here or have fresh sheets on the bed. My apartment is generally pretty clean, but there's always some extra things to do before having a house guest.

I was supposed to be going out for drinks with an acquaintance. She's not really a friend. She used to live here in Indianapolis and we got kool, but then she took a job with NASA and so she moved to Houston to work at the Johnson Space Center. Whenever she comes back in town, she contacts me. It's welcome. Rarely do I do anything about it though...I typically just ask what brings her back up to the midwest and how she's doing. I guess with my current state of mind, I needed to know that somebody wanted me around, so I asked her out for a drink. She agreed. Later in the evening she contacted me and I asked her where she wanted to meet, and she never texted back. Little does she know, but my drink invitation officially expired at 10pm. This is why she never actually made friend status. She's difficult to catch up with. I'm not sure if it's her fault or just the environment she grew up in. With her, it's never just a simple "hey, let's hang me at the bar at 11." There's always a bunch of other bullshit included, like having to pick somebody up from work, waiting on somebody to arrive at her house, needing to get her hair done, and fifty million other things. The thing that irritates me is that she can't ever mention that shit early in the day while we're originally making the plans. If we have plans set for 11, she'll spring that shit on me at about 10:45, when I'm walking out the door. She just generally seems to have little regard for my time. It amazes me that she acts so irresponsibly in her social life, but was able to complete a master's degree and land a job with NASA. And keep the job! Maybe it's personal though and it's really just me that she isn't all that pressed about spending time with. Because it's obvious that she can get her shit together when she really wants to. That's primarily why I don't really deal too much with her when she comes in town, because it just turns out to be a waste of my time and I end up irritated.

I pissed Lindsey off today. We were at work and I was training Demetrius and she came over and got the store-use camera to take pictures of a check presentation she had to do. She came back with the camera and told me that she needed some prints made. A few weeks prior, she needed the same thing and I told her to place the order herself and she tried to act like she couldn't use the kiosk and it would just be impossible to place her own order. I prompted her two or three times to do it and she refused. I ended up placing the order for her. Today when she came and needed the prints, I told her that I wouldn't do it today. Maybe I was being petty or funny-acting, but I didn't feel like I need to offer an explanation. She said that our general manager was coming back tomorrow and she needed to have it done. I told her to place the order herself. She rolled her eyes and walked out. She came back with another store associate and had her help her. She didn't look at me or talk to me for the rest of the few hours I was there. Her brother came up there and she turned her head when I waved at him. I get so tired of her sometimes...I know that I could have handled the situation differently, but she knows good and well that I've done way too much for Sam's Club this past month and it kind of irritated me that she would even ask me for something like that when she's perfectly capable of doing it herself. In general, I don't have much patience for strong, independent women who like to play dumb or act like they aren't able to do something. Lindsey gets straight A's in school, works her ass off at our job, swears up and down that she's always right, acts like she doesn't need anything from anybody....but can't use a digital photo kiosk. Please.

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