Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Staff & Lies

I got good news today at work! Shirley and Chann's drug tests both came back clean! So...I've got a full staff back in the photo lab now! They have orientation on Friday, then I am gonna start training them on Saturday! I can't wait. Demetrius (i stole him from the grocery department!) starts on Friday...I am supposed to be off that day, but I am going to go in at 9am and show him how to open and help him out and get him started. I feel really bad that his very first shift is going to be solo. But he's a good worker and can handle it. I was pulled aside today and told by another manager to shield and protect my new workers from my manager. I asked why and what did they mean. He told me that he's almost 100% positive that the only reason that my whole staff quit is because the manager over us is so strict, mean, worthless, and just overall a douchebag. If you ask him for help, he always says "i can't, i'm checking my email." He's just very quick to let it be known that he's got something way more important to do than whatever it is that you need from him. That's just his nature. I've gotten to a point where I just ignore 75% of what he says and I'm not afraid to tell him about himself. Other people don't know how to handle him. He still definitely has the ability to get under my skin, but I'm in more of a position to say something to him or walk away. Anyway, the other manager thinks that the reason nobody lasts in any of his departments is because of what kind of leader he is. Because of this, I definitely plan to give them each a lil disclaimer and a warning and inform them up-front about what type of person he is. But I don't want to plant the idea in any of their minds that there is divisiveness between me and him, because there technically isn't. I'll just have to choose my words.

I got to talk to my Booger!! I feel a lot better now that I heard his voice for myself. I almost lost it a couple times while on the phone with him, but I held it together. Lots of prayers with his name in them to come.

I fussed at Shanee for a whole ten hours today. For the benefit of my personal peace of mind and out of respect for her privacy (even though she said I could write whatever I wanted..."it's your blog baby, write what you want."), I won't retell the whole story. But why can't people just say what's really good to their significant other?? Why bullshit around and sidestep and try to make excuses? Shanee and I were supposed to have a serious discussion last night, but she chose to hang out with friends all night instead. So today when I let her know that I was not happy about it, she made 50 billion excuses. Through the course of her trying to cover her butt, it became apparent that she had totally forgotten that we were supposed to be having a talk. Why couldn't she have just told me up-front that she had forgot?? Like I told her, it's hurtful that she would forget something important like that because the discussion was about things that will ultimately determine the future of our relationship, but I can understand it. What I can't get with is the fakery. The truth hurts, but it's always my preference. She knows that, so it was extremely disappointing that she really tried to play it off for 4 hours. At the end of the day though, that's my baby and we try our best to be patient with one another. But when situations like that arise, I wonder just exactly how much is too much? At what point will I quit overlooking these lapses in honesty? Have I already overlooked too much? A friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend, who was also long-distance. She had been trying to get him to move here for months and months. He always said no and cited money as the reason. Well, she manages a bank and I guess he figured that she would be a good place to start in terms of having someone look over his finances and advise him. The last straw in their relationship was several weeks ago when he had the opportunity to move out of his apartment and down here with her, but he chose a new apartment in his city and still maintained that money was the reason. Well, after taking a close look at his finances, she found that his new apartment was more expensive than his old one and it's a farther drive from his job...ergo, his expenses had actually increased. They were at a restaurant when she called him out about it and that's when he finally blurted out that his peace of mind was worth the extra money. She got up from the table, exited the restaurant, walked back to his apartment and left him sitting at the dinner table. How dare he feel like their relationship wasn't worth moving for, but lie to her about it repeatedly? What did he gain from bullshitting her like that? Why couldn't he tell her the truth? It's one thing to tell a lie, but in my personal opinion, it's far worse to tell long-standing lies that last weeks or months. I don't want to make it seem as if I have never lied before, because I definitely have. But it's always just been one lie to account for one thing...I never tried to trick anybody for a long period of time. I learned in 1st grade that when you tell one lie, you typically have to tell another in order to cover it up and before you know it, the whole thing is out of control. I seem to be the only person who learned that. And anybody who has a clue about the Bible knows that what's done in the dark will come to light, that truth always wins out. For that reason alone, why do people even grow the balls to think they're slick?

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