Friday, September 5, 2008

Cars & Football

After trying relentlessly to contact my father for the past two days, he finally got back in touch with me today with the diagnosis of my car from the mechanic. My engine is bad. So bad it's not worth fixing. I'm in a bit of a panic because I'm not looking forward to making a car payment each month and having to go through the hassle of getting a new car.

I am really glad that the NFL season officially started today though. The Redskins tried. They gave it to Eli Manning a few times, but couldn't really complete many passes. It was somewhat sad. I can't wait for the Colts on Sunday!

I feel like most emotion has been drained. I guess "blah" would describe my general mood. I guess I'm just tired. Of everything. My job, my employees, now my car, being sick, this whole situation with Shanee, not knowing what's going to happen on any level. This really is a true moment of doing what I can and just trusting God for the rest.

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