Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Good Weekend

It's been a pretty decent weekend. I went to Terre Haute early on Friday morning to clean my old car out. I thought it was going to be a tough day because my mother and I have a tendency to argue about any and everything. My mother wanted me in Terre Haute at 9:30 in the morning. When she called me at 9:30 to find out that I was just leaving my apartment, she was not impressed. She wanted to have the car towed to her house and she wanted it cleaned out before we got it towed. She got all pissy and was like "I'm not calling the tow truck unless you're here and the car is being cleaned out." I tried to explain to her that there was no reason for me to be there when the tow truck came, I could just clean the car out at her house. She called me like 40 minutes later, still acting all urgent about it. I had to chill her out again by just telling her to call the tow truck and relax. She finally did that, but I ended up beating the tow truck there anyway and we got the car cleaned out before it got towed. She irritated me though because she sat at the mechanic's and looked at my car, then when I got there, she was like "okay, let's clean it out!" and then she proceeded to clean my car out QUICK. I didn't hardly do anything at all...she did almost all the work. So, she technically could have done it before I even got there. It was just plain to see that she hadn't been thinking. We got it all cleaned out and got the car towed back to her house.

She went to work and I just chilled in her house all day long. Read a book, played on the computer, played with myself, watched TV, ordered pizza, took naps. It was just a really nice day. It was incredibly lazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really should have been in town at the license branch, getting my tags switched over to the new car. I'll do that this week though. When my mom got off work, her and my uncle and myself went to the movies to see the new Tyler Perry. Everybody was in agreement that it started out really slow as the plot thickened, it could have used more comedy or something else while the storyline was building...but once it got started, it was excellent. I really believe that Tyler Perry just keeps getting better and better. I thought "Why Did I Get Married" was excellent, but this was better in my eyes. After the movie, we went to BW3's for beer and appetizers. I can feel myself aging, or maybe I'm just on a schedule, but after the movie, I was absolutely exhausted. The beer definitely didn't help matters. My mom and uncle were happily chatting at 1a.m. and I was the youngest person at the table and barely able to keep up with conversation. I tried to explain to my mother that her and my dad can't be hurt and upset about my brother's girlfriend being pregnant. They say they're sad about it because that isn't the life they wanted for him. I had to give my mother the reminder that everything happens when it's supposed to do. God's timing is perfect, even if we're not feeling it. He's still in control so there's no reason to fret. He doesn't put anything on us that we can't bear. I also told her to try and take on the same attitude that she has towards other people. Anytime we learn of somebody's child unexpectedly getting pregnant or something like that, her general attitude has always been, "oh, it was an accident and a mistake and they're doing the best they can and they'll be alright." I know things are different when they your own child, but she agreed that she should begin now in thinking of this along the same lines. I am just sick of her acting like it's a tragedy. I wasn't there when she broke the news to my father, but from what she's said, he's just as pissed. I just feel that babies, however much of a financial strain they may bring, are a blessing and should be looked forward to, not dreaded. I personally feel that my brother drinks too much, is really irresponsible, is selfish, hangs out with the wrong people, and is struggling to complete college for all those reasons. Having a baby is going to force him out of all of that. I've even seen improvements in him after getting this girlfriend. It seems that when he's got somebody really close to him that he cares about, he tends to shape up and act better. I know that he is not the type of person that would ever neglect his child. I believe the preparation for and birth of his first child will whip him into shape really quickly. I've watched an awful lot of my friends and other people I know go through that. They're wild, livin fast, and still good people with good character, just headin down the wrong path. The presence of a child turns it all around. I'm pretty confident that that's going to be the case for my brother as well.

I got up Saturday morning and drove back to the city. I did my personal grooming routine, hopped in the shower, then headed to work. Work started out somewhat stressful because I was trying to fix the mistakes that my new people made the day before, in addition to opening the lab late. I had already received a voicemail from the general manager asking me to come early because there wasn't an opener. I decided that I wasn't going. I was way more interested in my extended shower, even though it came at a price because if I would have went early, I could have avoided half the problems that came from opening the lab up at 1pm on a Saturday when the customers are used to it being open at 9. Oh well though, like I told Lindsey, I am through bending over backward, throwing my back out, and working myself into the ground for Sam's Club. I will not be doing that anymore unless I see personal gain in it. Of course, extra hours on my paycheck are personal gain...but at that moment, leisure time in the bathroom/shower were more important. After about 2pm though, everything was smooth-sailing, just another boring shift. When I got off work, Lindsey and I went to see "the Women." I never noticed before that Meg Ryan's hair is incredibly thick. Like, uncomfortably thick. I don't know if I've ever blogged about this before, but I have sexual fantasies involving Eva Mendes. I dream about her approximately once a week. So to see her in lingerie, plus Jada Pinkett lookin all sexy with all her clothes on...I was in heaven. The movie itself really wasn't all that though, I was way more impressed with Tyler Perry.

Today, I woke up and met up with some friends to watch the Colts game. It was a tense game, but they came out on top. Barely though. By the skin of their teeth. A win is a win though! It was great to see Holly and Kirsten though. Haven't hung out with them in forever. It was a breath of fresh air...I have a tendency to hang out with all the same people repeatedly, week after week. So, it was nice to talk about new things, have new conversation.

Hopefully, the week ahead will be drama free!!

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