Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I tried to be slick today. After my workout, as I was just about to leave the locker room and head to my car, this woman comes in and begins stripping down. She's got a TON of acne, but I can tell from the way her skirt is hugging her hips and booty and her breasts were filling out her top that she had a nice body underneath her outift. So...I pretended to forget something in my locker so that I could turn around and come back in for a second peek. She paid me no mind, just kept on getting changed into her workout clothes as if I wasn't in the room. I probably could have sat down and watched and I don't think she would have looked in my direction, haha. Something is wrong with me, I know.

My job situation is kind of crazy right now. I had my technical visit yesterday, which means that a technician comes out and looks at the cleanliness of the equipment and grades the staff on how well the maintenance procedures have been done over the last 6 months. We got an 84, like a B. We lost 15 points for some of the chemicals being out of control and we lost another point for having dust on the interior of most of our equipment. With my staffing issues, I'm only concerned with the actual procedures...I don't have time to be dusting and making sure every little smudge or mark gets wiped off. It doesn't have anything to do with functionality, it's just for keeping up appearances. The exterior is clean and that's all that should matter! But anyway, this morning, I finally had enough time (and the patience, the energy, and the right attitude) to fix the chemical control issue. It took about 2 hours and a lot of chemicals...but I got it done! I may not like the nature of my job all the time...playing mad scientist and doing chemistry don't exactly appeal to me, but I do enjoy a sense of accomplishment after I complete those types of tasks. I work hard mostly every day, but I do get a little satisfaction out of doing hard work from time to time. And yes, there's a difference between working hard and doing hard work. Anyway, later in the afternoon...Demetrius gets a roll of film jammed in there. Not only did it lead to unsatisfied customers, but it probably fucked the chemicals back up. When I left, there was still a part of it still jammed and if we can't get it taken apart ourselves, it's going to be an extremely expensive repair. I have no idea what Demetrius did or what exactly happened to make it do that, but I was beyond angry. I couldn't assign blame to Demetrius because I wasn't in the lab when it happened, but at the same time, neither myself nor any of the managers have ever seen that just spontaneously happen. If just yesterday, an actual technician said the machine was working just fine, it seems really unlikely that it would just do that today. Like I said, I don't know for fact that Demetrius made a mistake, but all evidence states that he did. He kept trying to say that he didn't do anything different, but I was seething so I couldn't say anything. Sometimes when I'm angry, I light into people. Other times when I'm angry, I fall silent. Mostly in situations where I could get into trouble if I said anything. It's just best I don't even open my mouth. Plus, my silence speaks for me. At times, saying nothing is more effective than a million words. I'll just see what tomorrow brings.

My mom is still in college, and she's been so busy with work, my brother, my dad, and helping me during my vehicle crisis that she has fallen behind. In exchange for all her help, I've agreed to help her (yeah them myself) with her assignments. Well, I've been graduated for over a year now and my study skills are back at zero! I was struggling to read those chapters, like forreal. I'm off work on Friday and I plan to spend the majority of the day doing the actual assignments. I swear this is the last time I'm doing this. This is approximately the 4th or 5th time that I've done school work for someone in exchange for goods and/or services. It's not fun. I guess it's a valuable skill to have though since apparently I can use it to barter. People seem willing to pay a lot or do a lot for you if you take an assignement or two off their hands.

Maybe more tomorrow, but sleep time now!

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