Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bummed Out

Well, I made it through the day. I'm about to go to bed, I stupidly agreed to work at 5am. We've got the COO of the corporation coming for a visit on Tuesday. That means we all scurry and clean in a panic. Clean things that have never been cleaned before. Suddenly appearance standards are elevated by a thousand. Tension is running high. All the managers have attitudes. But it's kool. I'm going to work tomorrow on my day off, I get to wear basketball shorts, and then I plan to play it in my favor so that by Wednesday or so I'll be out of hours and just can't come to work on Thursday. That's my plan at least. Hopefully it works out that way.

Even though I made it through the day, I have felt pretty down and out yesterday and today. I hope that tomorrow I can shake it off and feel good again. I just feel empty. Nothing really matters. Blah, whatever. 

One thing to smile about for sure is that I got my apartment back in order this evening. I love Shanee to death, but damn can she trash an apartment. I don't mean she was up in here being triflin at all, just that we got back from our trip and she unpacked all of our stuff all over the floor and all over the furniture and my apartment is tiny to begin just two people's clothes can truly wreck the place. Other things were out of place as well...just 3 weeks worth of straight chillin can take a toll on an apartment as well...water bottles gettin kicked under the bed, candy wrappers in odd places, I bought a macbook so all the contents and manuals and whatnot laying around, I haven't truly opened any mail since early June...just things like that. It's not really Shanee herself, it's me not doing anything else when she's around. I ignore life when I get around her. We were swimming when Michael Jackson died. Some drunk chick jumped out of her lounge chair and screamed at the top of her lungs "Michael Jackson died!" and I giggled as she threw her arms in the air in shock and almost dropped her blackberry and her belly kind of shook. I was just kind of like "really? so babe, what do you wanna eat for dinner?" I truly do ignore the rest of the world when she's around. It's probably not a good thing and I know it won't always be like that. So a combination of her being mildly messy, plus me not doing anything that doesn't involve being directly in her's the perfect mix for a fucked-up apartment.


RealDeal_Revolutionista said...

Girl please, any excuse suffices for messiness. That's why last weekend I literally said shit...I need to clean up. It's sooooooooo hard because I know your life is like mine and home is just a place to sleep for the most part. Still, I forced myself to get up, started cleaning at 8 on Sunday morning and finished cleaning by 8 on Sunday evening. And that was just part I, lol.

I'm just uber lazy, but guess what, I think I have the right to be (sometimes, in some areas.) And I think you do too, lol.


I have so many "house guests" that my place is never as clean as I think it should be. My cousins and all they jump offs always want to post up at big cool cousin lezzie's house! itmaking my o.c.d. so much worse. oh well. whats your name on twitter?