Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dry Clean Only

I am bored.

I'm pretty tired, but not really ready to go to bed just yet. What should have been an 8 hour shift today at work turned into 13 hours. I spent the first 4 using a shop vac and cleaning all the dirt and dust from behind and underneath the cash registers. It was disgusting. There was dust bunnies, money, receipt tape, all sorts of shit up underneath the drawers. It was unreal. Then all the supervisors got called into the training room to put together binders of all the reports we would need to be able to reference. Basically what it comes down to is that there are about a trillion things that we should be doing each week that have never been mentioned before. Since we're having such important visitors on Tuesday, today was the day to try and bring us up to speed. It was supremely frustrating. There is absolutely no reason for us to not have already known about these things. It's like cramming for an exam. They (the managers) made us sit there for like 2 and a half hours while they explained what each report was, its importance, how to read it, and whatnot. Then they rehearsed answers with us to questions that they were certain would be asked. No one really said much...we just scurried to get the reports hole-punched and put in our binders in their proper order. Finally, I asked why we were suddenly doing this. I asked why the COO of the entire corporation would announce his arrival because he knows good and well that we're preparing. I asked why we hadn't needed these reports at any time before. Another supervisor spoke up and said that she didn't mind doing the work, keeping the reports in a binder wasn't a big deal (they were actually quite informative!), and she let them know that we don't appreciate suddenly being sat down for a whole afternoon and having it sprung on us. What really set it off was one of the managers told us that tomorrow, no matter what time we are scheduled, we are to arrive no later than 9. We're to work in our departments for the morning and to have all lunch breaks out of the way by 12. There is going to be another "dress rehearsal" type meeting at 12:30, and then we're supposed to spend the rest of the afternoon studying our reports. Absolutely ridiculous. When voices began to be raised, the manager turned red in the face and blurted out "I have failed you all as a manager, and I was failed by my manager!" We were just kind of quiet after that. It was a bit satisfying to hear the honest truth. 

After work, I went out to eat with a friend. We tried to figure something out to do afterward, but she wasn't interested in the movies or going to a drag show (the only two low-cost things I could think of for Sunday night). So we just decided to go our separate ways. That leaves me home...with nothing to do. Since Shanee's departure, I've been a little depressive. I had not 5 minutes to myself for the past 3 weeks...and now that I'm totally alone, I feel empty and sad. I'm sure it will pass and I'll be feeling back to normal soon, back to myself and enjoying my quiet time to just be alone with my thoughts.  

I was told today at work that I look like I could be Dominican. I asked what that meant and the girl just giggled and said that my skin tone is that of a Dominican. I wasn't sure what the appropriate response would have been, so I just kind of smiled. I don't think I've ever seen a Dominican before. This particular young lady is Mexican, is gay, and recently has began talking to me at work. Nothing extra, just asking about my weekends, seeing what kind of stuff I'm into, extra smiley. Is it possible for someone to flirt with flirtation?! The way she talks to me borders on flirtation, but somethin about it is still just cordial and friendly. It's kind of hard to describe. 

One good thing about my horrible trip to Philly in March was that on one of the shopping trips that Shanee insisted on, I found a shirt that I just knew was going to be my favorite shirt of the season. It's a white LRG polo that says "Summer of Mad Love" on it. The main colors are red and carolina blue, but it's got every color in it...and I was's my favorite shirt of the season. So, imagine my disappointment when I went to throw it in the washer and looked at the care tag to find that it's dry clean only. What a blow. 

While Shanee was here, she cooked several meals. I'm not sure how she cooks at home, but she somehow or another ended up putting a whole bunch of fat that she cut from some steaks down the drain. It completely ruined my garbage disposal and the sink drains really slow now...and there's a smell. We cleared it and I've dumped a ton of bleach down there, but to no avail. And I keep on forgetting to turn in a work order to have maintenance come and fix it. I know that she wouldn't sabotage my kitchen like that on purpose, but I cannot for the life of me understand how it all ended up in there without her realizing it...she pulled it all back out, but the damage had already been done and I'm left to deal with it further. So not impressive. Hopefully I'll remember to get it fixed tomorrow.

Sleep is about to take over...

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