Sunday, July 19, 2009

stretchin and diggin...

My four-day break from work ends tomorrow. It went way too fast. I have definitely enjoyed not being there. I have a feeling that I am going to dread it tomorrow. I also know for fact that I am going to walk into a huge mess and have to spend the shift fixing things and putting things back in order. Not impressive. The reason I know for fact that it's going to be like that is because I received a text message early Saturday from one of my associates telling me that there was a major problem and she would like for me to call the lab. So I called and she told me that there was a paper jam. A paper jam. A PAPER JAM. I took a deep breath and explained in as nice of a voice as possible to clear the jam, inspect the printer for what may have caused the jam, and continue printing. Told her that if she can't solve it, then call a technician. I would never dream of contacting my supervisor on her day off to alert her about a paper jam. I was beyond annoyed. I regretted making my phone number available to my associates. Freaking out over a paper jam like that. 

Yesterday my friend Lindsey had a graduation open house. Kind of late in the season, but it's never a bad time to throw a party and collect monetary gifts! It was a nice afternoon....lots of good food, pretty decent company and conversation. It was supposed to turn into a real party once the sun went down, but it never really happened. She had hired a DJ and everything...and it was only about 10 people. We still had a good time though, but I could tell she was disappointed by the low turn out. And I'm pretty sure her feelings were hurt by the several people who told her that they were coming and then never showed. I got a text today from her thanking me for coming and staying the entire time. She said she appreciated me and it meant a lot to her that I was there. It made me really glad to have gone and stayed. I guess it just shows that the simplest actions can have an impact...all I did was sit there and eat about 13 times and talk shit about the other guests.

Shanee has a knack for making me feel like crap. She honestly doesn't do it on purpose, but sometimes it stings. This morning, I asked her if she behaved last night at the club since she didn't get home til damn near 5am. Her response was, "I always behave, it's you who's bad." When she makes comments like that, it honestly makes me regret a lot of things I've done. 

My appetite has been off the hook today. Just constant hunger and the urge to eat. I'm not sure why. Perhaps boredom had something to do with it. I know I started the day off completely wrong because I didn't eat until almost 2pm. Then I ate again at 5ish. And I've had two snacks since. Tomorrow has to be more balanced and on track. 

I'm really stretchin for some shit to write about...I guess I should just stop now.

I don't have anything to read at all. Any suggestions?

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