Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Styes & Ignorance

I feel like I'm turning into some kind of old woman. I don't consider myself fully grown and I don't always act in the most mature ways, but I definitely am going through something in which I have no patience at all for young-acting people and ignorance. It's really unattractive to think of oneself as better than anyone else, but it's been a struggle not to lately. I've been surrounded by people who are just ignorant, seemingly on all levels. Not using proper English and thinking it's okay...being loud, obnoxious, and making it painfully obvious to everyone within earshot that you're trifling and ghetto. I'm just annoyed to the fullest extent by it. I shouldn't have to tell someone who's 28 years old that the word is "memorable," not "rememerable." (yeah, that's b). Nobody in their 30s should be screaming at me across a warehouse, asking for "oinkment" because they cut their finger and it burns. Ointment or not, that's what happens when you cut stings and burns. These people have graduated high school and are in college...why do they think this is okay? I'm just thoroughly sick of it all.

Unfortunately, I have what I believe to be a stye forming on the inner corner of my left eyelid. This afternoon at work, it just suddenly appeared. It began by swelling and I noticed my eyelid thickening. My eyes have been itching and creating a steady flow of pus and crust since the first of the year. Was this what it was working up to? The bump is now really tender to the touch and it's beginning to border on painful when I blink. I'm so unimpressed. It's really ugly too.

I've got a lot of things on my plate right now. I move into my new apartment on the 1st of February, I have some doctors appointments coming up for some check-ups, it's tax time, I've got some important decisions to make regarding my finances, still applying to better jobs, praying for my father and his health, my mother and her patience and sanity because of my father and his health, and my brother and his fast-approaching leap into fatherhood. Shanee is marvelous about helping me keep my head on straight.

Exhaustion has taken over, more tomorrow possibly!

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