Saturday, April 18, 2009

I had a date last night...

I had a date last night. It was okay. Sparks didn't fly or anything. I just took her to dinner, we went to my favorite Japanese steakhouse. The rice was overcooked, which has never happened before, but the steak and sushi were definitely on point, as per usual. Her conversation was good, she's very smart, has two degrees and working on the 3rd, she's got a nice smile and very engaging eyes. She accused me of having a complex because I wouldn't let her leave the tip. I had to explain to her that when I was a child, my mom only cooked about 4 nights a week and the rest of the time, we were at restaurants. During these dinner outings, my father would talk to my brother about dating and courtship and how to treat a lady. He told him that when a pretty young lady was out with him, she shouldn't reach anywhere near her billfold. Little did he know, I was also taking notes during those little lessons. When I'm out with a pretty young lady, she doesn't go in her pockets. And definitely not on the first, second, third, or even fourth date. It was damn near a year before I let Shanee pay for anything when we were together. I convinced her that it wasn't a complex, I was just indirectly raised like that. The girl did drop a serious bomb though...she's got 3 kids. That's a no-no for me right now. After dinner, she asked me what I was doing. I answered honestly and said nothing. She said she had a birthday party to attend and invited me along for the second half of the celebration when they moved the party to a club downtown. I told her to hit me up when they got there. I realized this morning that I never heard back from her...when I got home, I ended up on the phone with Shanee for 4 hours and we went to sleep on there, which hasn't happened in like 3 months so it was nice.

More interesting though, my friend from my last post texted and asked me what I was doing last night...

Me: just showered and got dressed so i can take this chick to dinner
Her: aw, gettin you a team put together?
Me: yeah, somethin like that
Her: don't forget about me :-(
Me: why the frown face?!
Her: idk

I had that feeling in my gut that something was going unsaid. (ha, I just got a text from the woman from last night "hey you, thank you again for dinner i had a good time getting to know you. i didn't make it out last night which is why i didn't call or text..i was sleep! LOL") I don't want to say that she's catching feelings, but it would explain not being real happy that I went on a date and am actively entertaining myself with women. And when I got off the date, she wanted to hear every last detail. Her boyfriend works security at a club, so she asked me if she could stay with me tonight while he works and I agreed. We'll see how it goes. We're going to the gay club (there's only one black one in Indy). I offered to go to the club that her boyfriend works at and even offered to stay with her until it closes at 3 so that she could just go home with him...and she declined. I got into it really bad with a friend yesterday and she wanted to hear the details and I told her that it's a story for tonight if she ends up coming over and she was like "what do you mean, if?" Basically telling me that she's definitely coming. And this sudden guilt over our conversation and affection...all of it combined just makes me think that there's something going through her mind that she isn't trying to say. We'll see how the night goes...liquor, a warm rainy night, and both of us in the bed. I've already got it made up in my mind that I'm going to stay on my side and keep my hands to myself.

My eyelid is no longer twitching. It's shuddering now. I'm growing increasingly concerned about it.

I bought a bike yesterday! It's black and silver and I cannot wait until I have time to ride it! I'm purposely not drinking a ton tonight because I want to be able to get up early and hit the trails before I have to head to my hometown.


Anonymous said...

"I've already got it made up in my mind that I'm going to stay on my side and keep my hands to myself."

Yea, uh huh! Lol. She definitely has a thing for you!

My ex would never let me pay when I was used to alternating or splitting the bill. I thought it was a "complex," I guess (I HATE that word). But I did think it was a power/dominance thing and I like to be on equal footing with my partner. She always said it was because I was still in school and she worked full-time, so I'd let her pay most of the time.

Alix said...

I'm waiting to read how keeping your hands to yourself turned out...

KurlyQue said...

Wow you really can't read obvious signs, can you? You should have been known that she was feelin u.