Sunday, May 17, 2009

Damien Garrett McGee

My mom called me about ten minutes ago to tell me that Jackie's water broke!! The baby will be here very very soon!!

I'm ecstatic! I can't stop grinning!

I'm gonna be an aunt really soon!!

Shanee made me promise that she's the first person to hear the news or that gets a picture. Promise already broken. If you leave the country, you nullify all that! She'll be okay. The pictures will be here when she gets back!

I cannot wait to see this lil boy's face. From the 3d ultrasound, he's got some very distinct features. Large round eyes that look like they might bulge out a lil bit, a nose with a bump in it, a shit-ton of hair, and thick lips. How much character can a newborn's face really have?! I think he's going to be very interesting-looking. The texture of his hair and the color of his eyes has been up for debate for 9 months now, and we finally get our answer! I've been saying soft curls with gray eyes. My mom thinks he's gonna take more of the black genes and actually have some pigment to him with a tighter curl more like mine and my brothers. She's holding out on saying an eye color. Devin said that if the baby picks up that red hair and freckles thing, he isn't claimin it. Crazy thing to say because he and I are both speckled, we just happened to snatch up the dark hair...combine that with some white genes and you never know what you're gonna get! (Is it sad that black people sit around talkin about this?) Anyhow, I have a feeling that he's going to be one of those babies that people do a double-take at because his features are so distinct. By that, I DO NOT MEAN UGLY. Just not a typical face of a child. I told my mom that and she said that if that's the case, it will work in his favor once he's older. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but she said that women are attracted to men with strong features. (If he's even straight!) Either way, whatever he looks like, I cannot wait to lay eyes on this lil man and hold him. I'm gonna fall in love today. My mom is so shocked, she never imagined that I would be this into a baby.

Anyhow, before I can go home to baby-wait with the family, I've gotta get my eyebrows done (my mother will not spend another day dogging me because of the 5 o'clock shadow looming over my eyeballs lol) and stop at the airport to pick up my California cousins that are flying in today. Then we'll hit the interstate!

Consider yourself warned: there are LOTS of pictures on the way!

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RealDeal_Revolutionista said...

I was one day off!! Wasn't I just asking for this baby to be born? LOL. Congratulations to your family :)