Friday, May 15, 2009

missin' her and a tough ride

Shanee left for Jamaica super dumb early this morning.

As soon as she contacts me, I'm telling her that she can never leave the country without me again.

I miss her.

Her and I talk nonstop all day long. From the moment we rise until the moment we pass out...we are in constant communication. It's been like that since day 1. Yes, even through these past three months of pure hell...I was still talking to her. I may not have said a single nice or positive thing to her, but we were in communication.

Sometimes we have legit dialogue and discussion about something important, sometimes we just shoot the shit, and sometimes we talk shit to each other. I'm assuming every couple is like that...communication styles vary and whatnot. Right now, I'd take any. I just wanna talk to her!

She has been so sugary and syrupy sweet to me the past couple weeks, I guess I'm going through a withdrawal. I'm really glad that she's got the chance to get away. This past semester has kicked her ass, she's been extremely busy with all her extracurriculars, plus I cursed her out for 9 straight days....she deserves some fun in the sun. I feel so immature and stupid when I get like this, but I already know she's not going to miss me as bad as I miss her. She's with her mom, grandma, and sister. The four of them are like old girlfriends...they just laugh and joke and play around and have a great time together. I'll be lucky if I cross her mind once or twice each day. I guess I need to just grow the hell up, she'll be back by Wednesday.

I've got a personal trainer now. I decided today that I need one. I didn't know just how bad I needed one until we talked today. We discussed my current workout practices and I had absolutely no clue that I was overworking. I didn't know that once your heart rate got so high that the body begins to break down muscle at almost the same rate it breaks down fat. How counterproductive??! And my ab routine is actually causing my stomach to bulge out more than it would if I didn't work out period. I learned a lot of useful information and cannot wait to get started. My first official training session is next Friday.

One of my coworkers is leaving Sam's to start her own business so a bunch of us are supposed to go out tonight to celebrate/bid her farewell. Only thing, it looks like there's about to be a tornado and the Weather Channel is blowin up my inbox with warnings and alerts as I type. I hate going out in storms, but I'll probably never see her again if I don't go. Plus, I need a nap. My bike ride today exhausted the hell out of me. Just my luck, I got 10 miles from the house and my bowels decided to move. I hauled ass back to the crib as quickly as I could and I made it, but damn it was uncomfortable. Too much physical strain to pedal as hard and fast as I could, plus clench my cheeks...I'm wore the fuck out.


breastswildasblkwaves said...

"Too much physical strain to pedal as hard and fast as I could, plus clench my cheeks..." This made me laugh so damn hard! Aww, poor thing! Lol.

I don't think missing someone you care or wondering if they miss you is's just human.

Good look with the trainer! That makes me wonder if the stuff I do when I work out is actually useful...

RealDeal_Revolutionista said...

You know I always love when Shanee goes to Jamaica - partly because I'm envious that I don't have a tight knit group like that to just go kick it with. I mean my mom yeah- she's a lucky girl.

I'm glad y'all working thru some thangs. Erika - I'm getting old, you're getting old, she's gettin old I hope hope hope this is the last time. You hear me!! I can't read about it any longer, lol.

And.....I'm ready for this doggone baby to drop of your brothers. I wanna meet him (well kinda, lol online anyways!!!!)