Friday, February 6, 2009

moving & boredom

I'm finally all settled in my new apartment. My mom, brother, and uncle came to spend the day with me on Sunday to help transport all my belongings. I got it all in and by Wednesday, everything was set up, put away, in place, and ready for me to "live." So far I'm really liking it. I'm glad I picked this place.

Aside from the new apartment, I find myself bored with life lately. My job is an absolute bore. Due to the snow and recession/depression that we're in the midst of, there is nobody out shopping. And the truth of the matter is, the people that are out shopping are not buying cameras and pictures. They are buying groceries and other necessities. So, my department has been running a decrease in terms of sales and that's no good. On top of that, Sam's Club is staying afloat by running on as little manpower as possible. We have no payroll basically. All the part time people are lucky to get approximately 18 hours per week. They are inadvertently asking the full-timers to help out and get off the clock by encouraging things like "extended lunches" and "half days." Anyway, there aren't many customers coming in, so there isn't a lot to do. For instance, today I passed the time by writing the schedules out all the way until mid-April. We do maintenance on the equipment, but there's only so many tests we can run and so many things we can clean and maintain. After awhile, you start staring off into space and drooling. I personally find myself saving the maintenance tasks for my associates because they really need things to do to keep busy. One of them is known for leaving the department and roaming the sales floor and spending a lot of time with a certain young lady at the service desk. The other one will get on the phone. I am struggling to find things for them to do. The other day, I asked the Roamer to clean the baseboards of the flooring...that's how far out of things to do we were.

Aside from the boredom at work, each day I am faced with the daunting question: to make plans for the evening, or sit at home alone? Tonight I've opted to stay in by my lonesome and get some things accomplished: more job applications, write a blog, grocery shop, read, taxes. I'm re-reading the E. Lynn Harris books for fun and in honor of his new book that came out on Jan. 27 that I have yet to obtain.

Shanee continues to be a bright spot in my life. She makes me happy. I did, however, manage to piss her off so bad the other night that she didn't want to talk to me. She opted to just go to bed and talk to me the next day. That's never happened before. It was alarming. I was extremely upset and just decided to call her up anyway. We talked through it and got back on the right foot. (Lord knows I hate bein' on the left!) I've made a mental note to never push the buttons I pushed that night. I just hate the distance between us. It gets harder each and every day. The complications and problems that arise are strictly a result of the 600 miles between us. The only reason we even had a problem the other day was because of distance. It was a huge misunderstanding that wouldn't have ever even came up had we been in the same city. I just hope time passes quickly and we can find ourselves in more of a normal situation.

More tomorrow...


RealDeal_Revolutionista said...

Yay for moving!

Someday I will be writing the same blog...but later than sooner...if everything sort of falls into place..

How are you and Miss Shanee? I'm so so behind.

Are you looking for jobs where you are or where she is?

Anonymous said...

man, I completely understand everything you've written about. I'll be sure to visit again...