Wednesday, February 25, 2009

swollen nuts & other ramblings

Ain't a lot really goin on.

My manager got his ass chewed out yesterday at work, which ended in my having to do some dirty work. Without notice, our regional manager walked in our store and all hell broke loose. They were walking the floor and I saw them coming towards me. I just kept on doing what I was doing, which was verifying a merchandise report. They got within earshot of me and they were talking in hushed voices. I saw my manager's face turn a bright shade of red. Then I heard, "stand over there in that corner." I turned and looked and the market manager had my manager in a corner, with his blackberry out, and was takin a picture of him standing amidst a bunch of trash and a junky merchandise display. "Smile!" I couldn't believe it. I have never seen somebody get called out like be made to stand in a corner and have your picture taken amongst a bunch of crap. I walked over to another manager and asked if it was customary to have your picture taken and he was like "um, no." So the manager who had his picture taken came running over and asked me to go clean up where he just was. The manager that I had went and asked started laughin and asking questions about it. I went over to where I was told to clean and there were cups of Coke, like 3 of 'em, a couple sets of broom and dust pan, dust bunnies the size of real life bunnies, boxes, plastic from broken displays, a couple random pieces of flooring....just a bunch of shit. I threw it all away and got the area looking presentable. I did what I was told, but I was kind of salty about it...the people who actually work in that department should have been made to clean up their own shit. Oh well, I understood that he was mad and his nerves had gone to shit after he got lit into and humiliated like that, so he just nailed the first person he saw with the task.

My dad is still in the hospital and still off the hook. He grossed me completely out today...his testicles are swollen and he was scootin around the bed all crazy and I asked what he was doing, and he was like, "I gotta let my nuts hang off the side of the bed." I dry heaved. Thennnnn, he said the fuck word to me...I've never in all my 25 years of livin heard him say that. I was helping him with his oxygen and I didn't know that the tubes went around the ears and tightened under his chin...i thought they just went around his head and tightened at the top of his neck....he was like "what part of you thought that would be a good fuckin idea?" I think I hid my shock pretty well, but I couldn't believe it. My mom was maddd when I told her....she said that under no circumstances, grown or not, should he be using that type of language towards me. Even as a full grown adult, I'm still his daughter and "fuck" just isn't appropriate. I wasn't offended, just shocked...but she was appalled.

I'm waiting on a backlash. I'm not proud of this, but there is a young lady (hoe) that a couple of my homeboys and I have all used once or twice for her supreme oral skills. Apparently, her myspace status is always angry, talks about how much she can't stand niggas and how they're all the same, and so on and so forth. Well, one of my homeboys approached me today and was tellin me about the message he sent her on myspace. The message was to get over it, to think about herself for once, and to stop being an idiot. I asked him why he sent that...he said that he just had to. He claims that in a brutal sort of way, he was trying to help her out. Her m.o. is basically to fall sick in love with whoever is paying her a lil bit of attention...and by attention, I mean gettin head from her and havin her cook and shit (again, I'm not proud of some of the things I've done...Single Erika really is off the hook)...and then when she finally sees that the person doesn't feel the same, she gets ANGRY. Well, it's been almost a year since I went down that road with her and about every 2 or 3 months, I'll suddenly get an angry text message from her saying things like "I wish I never met you." and "I hate the day I met you." and "I regret ever dealin with you." Those types of things. I'll ask her what's wrong and it always turns out that she's done put all her feelings in somebody and they squash she gets mad all over again at everybody that came before the current heartbreaker. So, each time she gets her feelings hurt, it's just another person added on to the long list of niggas that have used her and left her hangin...and I'm on that list. And she goes down the list each time she's feeling upset and sends a stupid text. Once, I just asked her if saying those things to me makes her feel any better. Does it make her current heartache disappear? Does it make her a bigger person? I could tell she felt real stupid, but I made her answer each and every question. So, now that he's done sent her that rude message on myspace, I know she's gonna get all into her feelings and it's gonna be on. I told him to stop thinking about himself because he doesn't realize that everybody she's ever dealt with is gonna pay for that message. I can already feel it. I'm giving her two days before she's sendin a bunch of stupid stuff. Blah.



E. said...

LMAO @ "there's this young lady (hoe)...." I'm still over here laughing with tears coming out my eye because on one hand you so politely refer to her and then on the other blatantly call her a hoe. lol. hilarious.
I think you've told me about her before.And youre right, single Erica is off the hook. and I thought 'I' was bad back in the day.

anywho - you ONLY "dry-heaved" at the 'nuts' comment? Man your stomach must be strong! I wouldve straight up unleashed my breakfast AND lunch onto the floor right in front of him. Shoots, I'm almost at that point now..much less if my DAD had said that ...I wouldve been too through! lol.

sunshine_and_raindrops said...

Yea, the part about his nuts being swollen almost made me die. I can't even imagine what would have happened if that was my actual father.....

That's too bad about that girl, but she is never gonna be okay until she decides to stop letting people do that to her. Some people have to learn the hard way...

Simone said...

Oh man, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit reading that.

My tolerance for balls has dropped to nil these days - especially those of the fatherly type.

Good luck with the rest.

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