Monday, February 16, 2009

sick father & bein a sidepiece

When I got off work today, I came home and chilled for awhile and then met my parents at their hotel and we went to dinner. It was good conversation and good food. It was tough seeing my dad...the last time I saw him, he didn't need a cane to walk...but he definitely does now. It was hard to take. My mom requested that I attend the doctor appointments tomorrow morning before I go to work at 2 and I agreed...should be interesting. I'm considering calling in to work because the appointment that I really want to go to is the one where he meets with the transplant surgeon, but it's later in the day.

It was disappointing friend that I said in a previous post was considering sexing her ex (they were never truly "together" they were just flirting and messing around)....well, she did just that this weekend. And only kind of felt bad about it. I wanted to ask her a question, but didn't want to offend her. I honestly feel that she doesn't respect his new relationship because she's never truly had a solid relationship with anyone. Never been in love. Never had a commitment. She's never tasted heartbreak. I considered just asking her if this is why it didn't matter to her that he had a girlfriend...because she's never valued a relationship, she can't see what's so terrible about being someone else's sidepiece. I know full well that it's his relationship to disrespect if he chooses, but I think she's better than that. It's discouraging, disheartening, and upsetting to think about the amount of people that just don't give a fuck...about their own relationships or those of others. Maybe I'm old fashioned or something, but relationships just aren't casual to me. They aren't just somethin to do for fun. You don't go tampering with 'em! (Is it obvious that all the sneakin and creepin that my parents have done over the years has had lasting effects on me?!)

I'm exhausted all the way around and don't feel well. More tomorrow, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

I've willingly been the other woman before. I did that when I didn't want any kind of serious commitment and I was tired of getting my heart broken. Being a side piece doesn't require any type of expectations...